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Experienced Legal Counsel In Dog Bite Claims

An individual who experienced a dog attack has to overcome many challenges. In addition to the physical pain, they should also cope with the aftermath from an emotional perspective. Victims might be hesitant about learning more about their rights, or some may even ignore that the law protects them. You and your loved ones deserve to rebuild your lives, and I can guide you through every step from a legal standpoint.

I am attorney Bryan R. Armstrong. I provide personalized attention to dog bite victims from my law firm, , in Louisville. After a thorough analysis of your situation, I will explain whether you have a case and what we may potentially recover. You deserve to learn and understand your rights and fight to hold the liable party accountable.

Common Injuries Caused By Dog Bites

Dog bites may have consequences ranging from lost wages to permanent disability and a sudden change in your lifestyle. The damage experienced could be physical and emotional.

Physical damage can include:

  • Eye injuries, causing loss of sight
  • Broken bones or even loss of fingers or toes
  • Damage to muscle tissue, tendons or even nerves
  • Severe infections including staph and strep, tetanus, rabies, and others
  • Catastrophic injuries that could lead to facial disfigurement and permanent scarring

Emotional damage often includes:

  • Emotional trauma
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Next Steps After A Dog Bite

After a dog bite, your health or that of your loved one is always a priority. Therefore, you should seek medical attention and even call 911 if required.

Other actions to consider include:

  • When possible, take pictures of your wounds, the dog and everything that could serve as evidence.
  • Get the contact information of witnesses and talk to them about what happened.
  • Once you get medical attention, keep all records of your medical diagnosis, prescribed treatment, therapy and other medical needs.
  • Keep a journal from the day of your accident to document any notable change in your daily routine and how you feel.

Determine If You Have A Case

One recommended additional step after a dog bite is to discuss your accident and share your evidence with a compassionate and skilled personal injury lawyer. I can help you understand the law regarding dog bites, whether we have sufficient grounds to file a lawsuit against the owner and your options for obtaining compensation. We will work together to determine the option that could help us fight for the compensation you deserve.

I Am Ready To Listen To Your Case

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