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When You Need A Strong And Aggressive Personal Injury Advocate

You have been injured in an accident. You know you will have expensive medical bills. You know you might be unable to work temporarily or permanently. If it was a car accident, you know you will have to pay to repair or replace your vehicle. What you may not know is what to do next. At my firm, Bryan R. Armstrong, Attorney at Law, I can take on this responsibility for you.

My office is in Louisville, Kentucky. My promise is the same in any personal injury case I handle, whether you suffered harm in an automobile accident, as a result of a dog attack or a property owner’s negligence or due to dental or medical malpractice. When you become my client, I will:

  • Make strategic decisions that maximize the amount of money you are awarded in a settlement or verdict.
  • Educate you about the law and explain each step in the process.
  • Go the extra mile to handle subrogation claims personally, reducing medical bills so you can take home as much of your award as possible.
  • Remain attentive and accessible to you throughout the entire process.
  • Move quickly to help make sure you get the most money as soon as possible.

Free Case Consults | Let Me Accommodate Your Needs

Physical pain and complications are a major aspect of personal injury lawsuits, which is why I am a lawyer who is willing to accommodate your needs. My phone is not turned off on evenings and weekends, and I can travel to your home or the hospital when you cannot come to my office.

You can contact me by calling me directly at 502-225-1012 or emailing me. All initial consultations are free, and you pay me nothing until you recover compensation. 

I will front all filing fees, court costs, and expert fees, but court costs and case expenses will be the responsibility of the client. The cost for those will be taken out of any successful recovery of settlement or jury verdict.

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